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Sprinkler water on the sidewalk
Watering the driveway.

watering the sidewalk
Watching the gravel grow!


sprinkler creating a fine mist. most of the water evaporates
Water fight!

dripping water creating a gully
Broken pipe creates small gully

watering street
Sprinkler waters the street rather than lawn

Image of sprinkler watering pavement
Misdirected water wastes precious resources
What can I say?

Sprinkler head pressure range is usually 20-55 psi.
This one is well over 100!

More water hits the pavement than lawn!

duct tape attempting to
Duct tape is not a good insulator!

Sprinkler buried in deep recess
Head is buried under ground level

Sprinkler head photo spraying on walk
Broken head watering concrete

Sprinkler head photo spraying on walk
Watering concrete walkway

Grass in hard to water location

Watering dirt

Sprinkler spraying on fence
360 degree head is watering a fence.



And if you have any “gotcha” photos of your own, please send them to and we’ll post them—anonymously, of course!



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